Porto Venere Boatmen's Cooperative


Portovenere Ferry
Palmaria Island (Punta Secco)

The Portovenere Boatmen's Cooperative operates the maritime connection service to Punta Secco, a seaside resort on Palmaria Island, where it is possible to access the free beach and equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and Snack Bars.

Departures from Molo Doria (Portovenere)
every 30 minutes from h 9.00/h 18.45 from June 15 to August 31.

The service is carried out only with good weather/sea conditions.

Sea connection service with Palmaria Island location Terrizzo carried out all year round.

Portovenere Ferry
Palmaria Island (Terrizzo)

Maritime connection to Palmaria Island and Pozzale Beaches
(round-trip service)

On the S/E side of Palmaria Island is the marvelous Pozzale inlet, with a varied environment ranging from the fine pebble beach to the cliffs jutting out toward the island of Tino; all surrounded by a green pine forest in which you can find a cozy trattoria/restaurant with bar service.

Sea transportation service to Pozzale Beach is provided for a minimum of 4 people.